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World’s Smallest 5 Axis Milling Machine – Pocket NC V2

CNC: CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. This means that the machine is controlled by a series of codes and numbers output by a computer.The Pocket NC V2 from pocketnc looks like a product that can help thousands of makers create more intricate and detailed parts for their projects.

source/image(PrtSc): JohnnyQ90

Pocket NC can mill in conventional X and Y axes while the cutter runs up and down in the Z axis. Rotation around the X and Y axis allow for the fourth and fifth cutting directions. Max travel speed in the X, Y and Z directions is 40 inches per minute, with 4.5 inch, 4.8 inch and 3.45 inch respective travels. Resolution is specified as 0.000125 inches with 0.003 inches backlash at 100% load.

This video is not simultaneous 5-axis machining but 3+2 axis, because A and B axis where locked at any given time.This is due to using fusion 360 which if I’m not mistaken can support 5 axis machining at the moment, only some features are available for the moment. My ultimate goal is to make a tiny supercharger and put it in the wankel.


If you are having a hard time visualizing what “5 axis” could mean, don’t worry. It’s a lot more simple than it sounds. Conventional milling machines typically can move in 3 linear axes at a time.The extra 2 axes of movement are rotational, which for the Pocket NC means that the part can also rotate about the X axis (A axis) and about the Y axis (B axis). The main advantage of this is that you can now machine on multiple faces of the part without having to refixture it.