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Woven Bamboo House Traditional Green Building


Bamboo is an important building material in many parts of the world. Nowhere are the builders more skilled than among the Dorze in the Rift Valley Mountains in Southern Ethiopia.

source/image: Nomad Architecture

They have learned to split it and weave it into fantastic beehive houses which will last their occupants a whole lifetime. We have recorded the complete process of harvesting, preparing and building these amazing houses.

Bamboo houses are common in many parts of southeast Asia where bamboo grows abundantly. But just how do you make a bamboo house in some of these remote areas with so few tools, funds, and advanced technologies.


Although bamboo has several advantages, construction with bamboo has its challenges.The houses are over seven metres high, and this allows for the gradual shrinkage, for rot and termites eat away at the base of the house, and it will typically lose some 2 to 5 centimetres in a year.//Nomad Architecture