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XXL RC Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star Airplane


John flies his giant T-33 at Wimborne MFC jets weekend. Bit of a cross wind which is always a concern with T-33s as they are extremely challenging to land.

source/image: Essential RC

Otherwise John shared how it flies precision aerobatics with ease. He did tell me that to save weight he moved the engine forward from the stock position to between the fuel tanks meaning he did not have to add excessive ballast to the nose to achieve the balance point.

The airplanes wingspan is 2.7m, the length is 2.5m, the giant airplane is powered by Jets-Munt 200 turbine engine producing 34 to 45lbs of power.


The body of the airplane is made from fiberglass, the airplane has Scale landing gear, scale cockpit, tailpipe, GRP tank and many more optional available.This airplane model displays the perfect compromise between a funjet and a professional competition jet.Coupled with outstanding flight characteristics and beautiful lines./Essential RC