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XBUS Electric Small Truck With Modular Design


On 07.07.2021 it was finally time: The team of ElectricBrands presented, after almost three years of development, the fullrunner of the new XBUS. Get in and experience the impressions of the first test drive!XBUS.A modular concept. Two chassis variants.Two module-dependent battery compartments. Countless chassis-independent modules. An infinite number of possible uses. Quality guaranteed by up to 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.

source/image(PrtSc): ElectricBrands

The XBUS has been developed according to the “Lego principle”. Detached from the chosen chassis variant, you can adapt your XBUS to your usage needs easily and quickly and as often as you like.

The XBUS’s modular body measures 3,640 x 1,600 x 1,940 mm and is classified as an L7e-B2 class quadricycle. The XBUS’s payload is limited to 450-600 kg.The XBUS comes standard with a 10 kWh battery, allowing for a range of 200 km.


The Xbus is powered by a four wheel hub electric motors that produce of 75 horsepower 56 kw and 20 hp 15 kW of continuous power. However, if that doesn’t sound enough, there is an optional 30 kWh battery upgrade which will increase the electric range to an impressive 600 km (373 miles) together with the optional solar modules.//electricbrands

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