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XPENG X2 Intelligent Electric Flying Car


XPENG AEROHT, an affiliate of XPENG, is the largest flying car company in Asia. Integrating intelligent vehicles and modern aviation, we are dedicated to producing the safest intelligent electric flying car for individual users.

source/image(PrtSc): XPENG AEROHT

The Xpeng X2 is the fifth-generation two-person intelligent electric aircraft from Xpeng Huitian. The product was officially launched in November 2020, and the first flight was successful in June 2021.

The X is powered by 8 propellers, 8 electric motors, powered by batteries, it can reach a top speed up to 130 km/h and a flight time of 35 minutes. It’s equipped with autonomous flying technologies and has fixed-skid type landing gear.


The flying car weighs 360kg and can handle a maximum takeoff weight of 560kg.This electric manned vehicle is about the same size as an EV, but has the ability to take off and land vertically in a parking space./XPENG AEROHT

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