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ANN2 Vtol Speeder Twin Seater Concept Aircraft


The ANN2 “Speeder” twin seater for General Aviation & multi-purpose utility missions.ANN2 is a tandem-seat configuration, fully carbon-fiber structure air vehicle for personal mobility and a wide range of utility missions. Fast, small, agile are the characters of this air vehicle.

source/image(PrtSc): Manta Aircraft

The concept aircraft has a lengh of 8.7m, a wingspan of 6.8m and heeight 1.7m.The propulsion system is fully electric, But Manta plans to include a gas/fuel generator for longer range missions.

The ANN2 aircraft with ha a cruising speed over 300 km/h, the target range is over 600 km. The present development status of Manta Aircraft ANN2 is represented by 1:3 scale flying models.


These are used to test and assess the basic flying characteristics. This will lead also to the fine-tuning of the final configuration to roll out the prototypes, that are expected to fly by 2022.via/read more: mantaaircraft