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FabMan Storm All Hand Fabricated Aluminium Body BMW R9T


The custom made aircraft-inspired, retro-futuristic BMW R nineT motorcycle, is fully functional. Wayne Buys “FabMan Creations” in South Africa, created this sleek bike for a client, that supplied the R nineT to work with.

source/image(PrtSc): Fabman Creations

Taking inspiration from the aerodynamic forms of WW2-era fighter jets,the futuristic Storm took more than 8 months to build and the process to curve the aluminum shell by hand, was the most difficult part.

source/image(PrtSc): Fabman Creations

The exteriors are finished in matte silver paint with minimal FMC branding above the bulbous tank cover and are secured by small Allen head fasteners that resemble the riveted body of ’40s aircraft.


Jet-fighter-style air scoops bring cooling air past the finned engine cylinders at speed, helping the Storm to recover some cooling capacity within its metal shell. The upper shell secures to a hidden aluminum fuel cell, via a locking nut around the gas cap.

Each body panel interlocks with the next, connected via small allen head fasteners that mimic the rivets you’d find on aircraft. The exhaust is particularly stealthy. The cabling and wiring runs inside the handlebars, with the brake and clutch master cylinders tucked away under the bodywork.//fabman

VIAFabman Creations
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