Home Technology HelioWater Transforms Seawater Into drinking Water From The Sun

HelioWater Transforms Seawater Into drinking Water From The Sun


HelioWater is autonomous, affordable and sustainable. Indispensable for humanitarian projects and disaster relief. Delivered in a box, easy to transport, install and operate. Long service life, over 30 years.

source/image: heliowater

HelioWater reproduces what the planet has been doing since the beginning of time.Water projects with sustainable impact have been identified for communities in need of access to safe drinking water.

source/image: heliowater

​The HelioWater process of distillation and mineralization guarantees drinking water of the highest quality.​Its high level of productivity has never been reached until now: each module of 1 m² produces 10 liters of water / day.


HelioWater is particularly suitable for refugee camps or coastal populations, where the local available water may be unsafe for human consumption.

HelioWater can also produces pure, distilled water which may be needed for use in medical facility or hospitals.//heliowater

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