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Young Woman’s 17m2 Beautiful Tiny House On Wheels

This beautiful tiny house on wheels has become a dream first home, allowing one young woman to escape the rent and mortgage traps and get her start on the housing ladder! Stef was drawn to the idea of living in a tiny house as she wanted to live in a place which was simple, minimal and which would give her the ability to focus on other parts of her life.

source/image: Living Big In A Tiny House

Life in a city like Auckland can be crazy expensive. With the average house price around 1 million dollars and the cost of rent through the roof many end up getting stuck in the rent trap and have given up on the idea that they will ever be able to own their own homes.

When looking for housing options in Auckland, Stef began searching for alternative solutions such as shipping container homes. When her childhood friend decided to move overseas, selling their almost complete tiny house, Stef jumped on the opportunity to become its new owner and get her first foot on the housing ladder.


At 17m2 (182ft2) this tiny house has it all, including an amazing parking spot, close to the beach and with sea views! Enjoy the full tour of this beautiful tiny home.