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ZEM Electric Car Cleans The Air While Driving


This year’s team of TU/ecomotive is presenting Zem; A car that cleans the air while driving. The goal of the seventh TU/ecomotive team was to reduce the CO2 emissions during all life phases; production, driving and after-life. One of the most innovative technologies implemented in Zem is the direct air capture technology (DAC).

source/image: tuecomotive

When the car is driving, air will move through our self-designed filters, where the CO2 will be captured and stored. To showcase the low emissions of Zem, a life cycle analysis (LCA) was performed. In these LCA calculations all three life phases were taken into account.Thee specially designed (and patent-pending) grille helps channel air to direct air capture tech. The electric powertrain is made up of nine modular battery packs of 2.3-kWh each, and the electric motor runs at up to 22-kW.

source/image(PrtSc: TU/ecomotive

The team currently estimates that for every 12,800 miles the car drives, it can remove up to 2-kg of CO2.The monocoque and body panels are created with additive manufacturing. During the driving phase the filters with the direct air capture technology will compensate for the total emissions of all life phases. The idea is very simple: while driving, air will move through our self-designed filters and the CO2 will be captured and stored.


Another upcoming technology that is implemented into Zem is bi-directional charging. The bi-directional charging technology makes it possible for cars to provide energy to houses when no renewable energy is being generated at that moment.

You can see Zem as a sort of external battery to your house, providing the house with green energy when needed. The bi-directional charging technology has been paired with solar panels that are implemented on the roof of the car. In this way, Zem makes use of both the batteries and the space on the roof to make the vehicle and its surroundings more sustainable, even when it is not driving.via/read more: tuecomotive

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