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Ziesel Tank Tracked Electric Multipurpose Vehicle


The Ziesel is a multipurpose vehicle. With its great power and compact design it can be used for different applications in farming and work environments as well as for personal enjoyment.This electric vehicle was built from scratch. Its development is the result of the know-how and enthusiasm of the Mattro team. There is a lot of technology involved. Yet because of its well done design you will only notice that as much as you really need to.

source/image(PrtSc): MATTRO GmbH

Its powerful electric drive, the intuitive joystick steering and the impressive cross country characteristics offer a multitude of applications. And all that without noise or emissions – but fun.It’s essentially a tube steel frame and a racing seat bolted onto two off-road tracks powered by two PMS electric disk motors producing 21 horsepower and 30 pound-feet of torque. The battery pack will last up to five hours.

Especially the low ground pressure makes the Ziesel the first choice for vineyards and fruit orchards. With trailer hitch and mounting points, equipment can be easily attached. Electrical external output and special Ziesel optimised machinery under way.


The Ziesel is a pioneer for mobility by combining sustainable and environment-friendly technologies with pure outdoor fun. It is the only barrierfree sport-vehicle with electrical high-performance power for work, fun and freedom in nature.

The Ziesel was developed for outdoor action and can be used all year round with impressive performance on almost all surfaces like: snow, sand, stone, mud, grass and more.

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