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Zundapp M50 1970 50cc One Cylinder Starting Up


Zündapp was once a leading motorcycle manufacturer and was known for high quality, innovative design and sporting success. Motorcylces has been produced from 800ccm to 50ccm.

source/image(PrtSc): classic-motorcycle.com

Several world records were also set. From the end of 1960, sporty 50ccm mopeds were produced which generated large sales figures.This M50 is equipped with a leg windshield and bears its original paint and original papers. It is ready to drive.

The engine is a fan-cooled 1-cylinder two- stroke engine with a displacement of 49.9 cm³. Bore is 39mm, stroke is 41.8mm . The engine has a rated output of 2.5 hp at 4800 rpm. The carburetors were supplied by Bing. The compression ratio is 8.1 : 1. The key-shift transmission has two gears and is shifted using a twist grip and gear window on the handlebar.


The rear wheel is driven by the gearbox with a roller chain. The front sprocket has 11 teeth and the rear sprocket has 32 teeth; this results in a transmission ratio of 2.9:1.Drum brakes with a diameter of 90 mm are used at the front and rear . The front wheel suspension is by short rocker arms, with compression springs. The rear wheel suspension is a long swing arm, here the cushioning is done with spring struts.//wikipedia

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