Build a Simple Bed With Limited Tools And Limited Space



I frequently get requests from viewers who live in apartments or other small spaces and want to make stuff with a limited assortment of portable power tools. I built this twin bed in my driveway using a circular saw, a drill, and a few other inexpensive accessories.

source/image: Steve Ramsey

This bed is sturdy and surprisingly simple to make. You can easily build it in a weekend. This plan provides extensive sleeping space without the hassle of taking all the available space in the bedroom.

The plan also has additional ideas for matching floating shelves.There isn’t much to this bed except what’s needed, which are sides, ends, and feet.


There isn’t anything fancy or interesting about it, which should make it pretty easy to put together.As always when using power tools, make sure you wear eye and hearing protection and understand how to properly use the tool before proceeding.