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102kg RC Airbus a-380 Scale Model Turbine Jet Airliner


The Airbus A380 replica has been built to a 1/13 scale. It has a wingspan of 6.13 meters, is 5.6 m long and weighs 102 kilograms.The model has a 2.6 gallon fuel tank that burns through 0.3 gallons a minute, the giant scale model Airbus A380 Singapore Airlines is powered by four JetCat P120 jet turbines.

source.image: RC MEDIA WORLD

The replica is powered by four jet engines engines. These are JetsMunt 166 turbines that provide around 166N 37 of thrust each.The video shows the model plane 1:15 scale taking off from the runway, looking a lot of like a real jetliner in the sky as its flying around for a few minutes,and then gracefully landing.

The aircraft uses a Futaba T18MZ transmitter with dual Futaba 7008SB receivers (Powerbox Royal) and KST servos; two for the Ailerons, two for the Elevators, one for the Rudder, four for the landing flaps, one for the front gear steering, and eight to operate all the gear doors.


The retractable landing gears are Electron with homemade struts and trucks and it carries 2.2 gallons (8.3 liters) of fuel in CMJETS fuel tanks.The giant RC Airbus A-380 model, made to look like a Thai Airlines A380, took eight “months, 5,000 working hours, and a whole lot of Styrofoam and lightweight balsa wood” to take air.