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10m RC Concorde 149kg With 4x Jet Turbines


The model is at 1:6 scalewhich translates into dimensions of 10 meters longa 4 meter wingspanand one height of 1.85 meters. His weight is 149 kilos. The model was built and flown by Otto Widlroither.

source.image: DIGITAL RC

It is powered by four JetCat P300 Pro jet turbines that consume approximately one liter of fuel per minute each. So the 24 liters that you can take on board give you an autonomy of about six minutes.

The model’s fuselage and wings feature carbon-fiber sandwich construction. The Concorde has pneumatic gear with a 30-liter air tank and is controlled by a PowerBox CORE transmitter driving 18 hacker servos. Otto says that he spent a year drawing the CAD plans and two years building this giant.


The cockpit even has a fully functioning “droop-nose” just like the real thing.The primary users of the Concorde passenger jet were British Airways and Air France, and that is probably why the RC aircraft in this interesting video is painted in the colors of British Airways.