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148kg B-25 Mitchell Scale Rc Apache Princess 2x400cc Radial Engines


B-25 Mitchell is a giant scale twin engine masterpiece. With a large 6m wingspan, 4,87m length and a lot of scale detail, this is a very impressive model. Designed for twin 400cc Moki 5 Cyl. Radial and it is equipped with high-quality electric retracts.

source.image: DIGITAL RC

The giant scale B-25 Mitchell is 1/3.3,the basic structures use conventional “modeling” tools and materials such as balsa and plywood, and the techniques are straightforward; easily accomplished by anyone with previous Scratch building experience.

Defined by its oval fuselage cross section, mid-mounted gull wings, tricycle landing gear and greenhouse-style canopy, the B-25 Mitchell was the most prevalent and significant medium bomber of World War II.


The RC B-25 has a fantastic flying characteristics and quick assembly using high-quality balsa and balsa plywood – keeping it lightweight and more durable than your average ARF model plane.The owners of this airplane are: Roland Sabatschus, Michael Sabatschus, Daniel Sabatschus.

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