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1923 Bown 1HP 150cc Starting Up And Riding


William Bown manufactured motorcycles in the United Kingdom from 1922 to 1924. The Models ranged from 150cc Villiers, 250cc to 350cc Jap and Blackburne.

image: classic-motorcycle.com

This machine is equipped with an Amac carburetor, hand-operated horn, Powell & Hammer lighting system and a Sturmey Archer gearbox. The Bown is ready to ride and has papers from the Netherlands and a “Registration Book” from the UK.

The machine was equipped with a two-speed gearbox, drip-feed lubrication and a Bosch magneto. It had aluminium footboards, Saxon forks and Miller lighting set. The exhaust included an aluminium damper box.


The Bown Manufacturing Company was established in 1862 in Birmingham by local machinist, William Bown, making a variety of patented mechanical parts. William Bown was an enthusiastic experimenter with a keen eye for marketable ideas. He is known to have registered over 14 patents.

  • Manufacturer: Bown
  • Model: 1½HP
  • Year: 1923
  • Displacement: 150 cc
  • Cylinder: 1 – Villiers
  • Engine type: 2-stroke