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1924 Paque One Cylinder 140cc Motorcycle


Manufactured by August Paque Motoren – und Motorrad Fabrik, then Paque & Co., historic Austrian motorcycle factory active from 1922 to 1926.

source/image: classic-motorcycle.com

August Paqué manufactured his motorcycles from 1921-1925 in Augsburg, Germany. Paque had engines with 185cc, 198cc and 500cc in addition to the 140cc model which we offered here.

The engines up to 200cc were manufactured in-house. The engines with 500ccm were used from several engine suppliers. We offer this motorcycle as a restoration object.


The engine with an atmospheric intake valve and controlled exhaust valve runs. The motorcycle is equipped with a hand-operated horn, acetylene lighting and a fuel level indicator.

Some Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Paque
  • Model: 140cc
  • Year: 1924
  • Engine type: 4-stroke / aiv