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1928 Henderson Deluxe Antique Motorcycle Running!

The Henderson 4 cylinders were the largest and fastest motorcycles of their time, and appealed to sport riders and police departments. Police favored them for traffic patrol because they were faster than anything on the roads. The company began during the golden age of motorcycling and ended during the Great Depression.

source/image: Jayyar4

For the first time this antique, the Henderson Motorcycle was born in 1911 in Detroit, Michigan. Honestly we don’t know why the company survived an unusual end in 1931 and stopped the production suddenly! Just look at this beauty with an outstanding design exceeding its time and you will feel the caused damage and what we are missing now.

source/image: Jayyar4

This specific 1928 Henderson Deluxe motorcycle is the last from the Deluxe class but yet the most advanced one with 79.4 cubic inches displacement and higher cylinder compression rate. The outcome is 35HP at 3,800rpms. Isn’t that amazing when above of these performance we add the amazing engine sound?


On the video below, we have one passionate owner who spent 15 years to restore and bring back in shape this beauty to ring like in its glory days when it beat the Harley Davidson on a challenge at Dundee Road, Chicago, in April 1922 reaching over 100mph!

The moment the engine is started you will feel a calming but yet intriguing sound. Besides the excellent running of the engine there is something hidden behind Henderson motorcycle personality! Just play the video and enjoy it!