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1954 Divco Custom Milk Truck House Of Kolor From The 50’s


“The House Of Kolor 1954 Divco Custom Milk Truck.I caught up with it at the Grand National Roadster Show 2018.Where do I start? It’s a Milk Truck from the 50’s!.I mean.That’s a mic drop moment.Right! I like the different for sure.But a custom milk truck!”//via:  ScottieDTV

source/image: ScottieDTV

They nailed it!This 1954 Divco.Something I had never heard of.Let alone seen before I found this one a the Grand National Roadster Show 2018.But it was love at first sight.This is as cool as it gets.The type of custom that makes you smile when you see it.

The type of build that appeals to your inward child.I’m a FAN for sure!I was not able to get any shots of under the hood.Or what powered it.But it is LS powered from the research I have done.It lays on the ground.So the stance is perfect.


And it is a House Of Kolor attention getter.So the paint work will blow your mind.Brown and green are the main colors.Again not ones I would put on the top of my list…But they work.And work well.The interior is way cool custom.The whole build works for Me.I think your going to love it too.Check it out!!!via:  ScottieDTV