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Audi RS4 Avant B5 with a Custom Made Audi RS4 Trailer


This is something you have probably never seen before! During a supercar meeting somewhere in The Netherlands, I have filmed this Audi RS4 Avant B5 pulling also a custom made RS4 trailer!/via: Gumbal

source/image(PrtSc): Gumbal

The owner took another RS4, cut it up, and turned it into a trailer for his running and driving car, taking the time to completely duplicate the machine all the way down to the wheels and the color of the paint.

The fact that this car exists and that it was customized this way is awesome. With the trailer and the car looking basically the same it is hard to wrap our mind around this. We must admit it looks cool.


The owner must have put in a lot of work to create a matching trailer for his RS4 Avant and the end result is quite impressive as the trailer looks virtually the same as the car.

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