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1955 Chrysler Imperial Convertible Rutterz Rodz


What is a 1955 ChrysleScottieDTVr Imperial Convertible.Well in this case it is a replica of a prototype that by buddy Mike Rutter of Rutterz Rodz brought to The SEMA Show 2016.

image: ScottieDTV

They took two fairly rare cars and turned them into one of the most beautiful cars to grace the floor of The SEMA Show 2016.Not a crazy custom or slammed street machine.This car is class grace beauty elegance Check it out.

You will see what I mean Oh Mike doesn’t build anything you can’t driveThis car is ready for the open road.or a country road in East Tennessee.You have got to see this one.Check it out!


Actually, this build is a replica of the original prototype, the custom 1955 Imperial Convertible that J.T. Keller, the chairman of the board of Chrysler at the time, had handbuilt for his wife.

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