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1961 Ford Ranch Wagon 2 Door Street Cruiser


In this video from the 2021 NSRA Street Rod Nationals held in Louisville KY, I stumbled into this 1961 Ford Ranch 2 Door Wagon Hot Rod.I first spotted this cool old school wagon while doing a Facebook Live for ScottieDTV.com and as soon as I finished that, I changed out cameras and headed straight to where it sat.

source/image(PrtSc): ScottieDTV

Covered in a Baby Blue with a White Top, Trimmed in Chrome.Giving it a “Fresh” feel about it.The color of the custom leather interior is hard to describe.Maybe a Taupe? trimmed in a darker Brown.It fits the build and works really well for Me.

Wheels are always a personal choice and no one set will please everyone.I’m good with the ones they chose to run on this 1961 Ford Ranch Wagon 2 Door from the 2021 National Street Rod Association Street Rod Nationals Louisville.


Under the hood is a Stacked Injected 4.6L that has been made a 5.0L a little custom paneling and a clean install. This 1961 Ford Ranch Wagon is ready for the road.Custom Chassis and all the upgrades that go with it should make it drive better than a new one.This is one cool Ford 61 Ranch Wagon for sure./ScottieDTV

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