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2021 Harley Davidson Fat Boy 114 1st Look


This is the all new Harley Davidson Fat Boy 114 2021.With its steamroller stance the Fat Boy 114 model remains one of the most physically imposing motorcycles in the Harley-Davidson portfolio.

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Refreshed styling for 2021 brightens its look as brilliant chrome replaces the satin chrome finish on the powertrain and exhaust, the front end, the rear fender struts and the console.Fat Boy 114 model features:Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine: The most power offered from the factory in a Softail chassis: 119 ft. lbs. torque at 3000 rpm. 2-into-2 offset shotgun exhaust. Free-flowing Ventilator air cleaner with exposed element and 114 badging.

NEW Bright Chrome Styling.Engine Covers: Chrome or polished engine covers and rocker covers.Exhaust: 2-into-2 staggered chrome mufflers with chrome shields.Front End: Chrome headlamp nacelle, fork covers and riser highlight the massive front end.Chrome Details: Rear fender struts, tank console, and Ventilator air cleaner cover are finished in brilliant chrome.


Lakester Wheels: Solid aluminum Lakester wheels (18-inch front and rear) with massive Michelin Scorcher 11 160mm front and 240mm rear tires, the widest tire set offered on a Harley-Davidson model, give the Fat Boy model its steamroller stance.Trimmed Fenders: Trimmed front and rear fenders exaggerate tire size for added presence.Five-gallon fuel tank is topped with a bullet hole console for added custom detail.High-Performance Air Cleaner: Ventilator air cleaner with exposed filter element helps increase air flow to the engine./via/read more:REC Anything

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