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300hp FIAT S76 Beast of Turin – Retromobile

A brief compilation of Beast of Turin clips. The thunderous noise echoing off the buildings doesn’t really come across but it’s a wonderful sight all the same. If you’ve seen my earlier film of it being fired up for the first time you’ll notice that thanks to a year of deep thought, head-scratching and fettling it’s now much easier to start!

source/image(PrtSc): Stefan Marjoram

The FIAT S76, later known as the FIAT 300 HP RECORD and nicknamed “The Beast of Turin”, was a car built in 1911 by FIAT specifically to beat the land speed record held at the time by Blitzen Benz.

It has a 4 cylinder engine with a displacement of 28,353 cm3, and provides 290 hp ,enough to propel the car to 116 mph, and a one-mile land speed record, in 1911.


This fabulous machine is indicative of an era in which motor racing was in its infancy and the flat-out and fearless competitors would do battle over hundreds of miles of dusty and cobbled roads with danger never far away.Only a handful of brave pilots had the opportunity – and honor – to drive this thundering steel monster.