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32 Square Feet Self Built Tiny Cabin On Wheels


I built our Travel Cabin to be our home away from home while we travel around the beautiful USA.

source/image: Jack Steward

Since building it, I’ve made major changes to not only the interior, but the exterior of the cabin, making it much more efficient and safe to tow down the road. Watch the video from Jack Steward for more info:

The video will give you all of the specs and details of what is inside of our little Travel Cabin on Wheels.


This Cabin on wheels is so tiny that only the most intrepid small-home enthusiast could live there permanently, but it would make for the perfect backyard office or temporary getaway cabin.

Cabin Specs:

  • -4×8 Foot Utility Trailer
  • -32 Square Feet
  • -5 Foot Custom Made Axle
  • -1,600 Pounds Total Weight
  • -188 Pounds Tongue Weight
  • -Bluetti Solar Generator
  • -Chinese Diesel Heater
  • -Outdoor Shower
  • -Transforming Couch/Bed
  • -Indoor Kitchen
  • -Interior Storage