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39-ft Gooseneck Gorgeous Tiny Home on Wheels


Harrison and Brittney downsized slowly before finally moving into their first tiny home. This 39ft tiny house has a small bathroom, a flushing toilet, and a large shower.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

The open kitchen has ample cabinet space, a tall fridge, a stove/oven, and a dishwasher!These two love games, so the custom entertainment center was designed to hold everything, from video games to legos and records.

The high-ceiling bedroom is in the neck of the tiny home, which allows for standing room and walking space on either side of the queen-size bed.


Tiny house gooseneck trailers are designed to attach to a ball in the center of a pickup truck bed. There are two significant advantages to this type of hitch.The truck can carry much more weight when the load from your tiny house is centered over the truck axle instead of being attached to the back of the truck.

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