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3D Animation Of Circulating Pump Basics Working Principle


Circulating pumps are centrifugal pumps designed to generate a forced circulation in a closed system. They are commonly found circulating water in a hydronic heating or cooling system. Because they only circulate liquid within a closed circuit, they only need to overcome the friction of a piping system.

image: The Engineering Mindset 

The circulating pump consists of two main parts, the pump and the motor. The motor is an induction type motor which allows us to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is used to drive the pump and move the water. In this video, we’re going to talk about the circulating pump, why it’s important and what circulating pumps are used for.

The motor makes the impeller spin which will pull water and send it to the pipes. An impeller is a wheel which works like a turbine as it has bent blades.


The home circulating pumps are small enough to be set beside your plumbing system. On the other hand, the industrial type pumps are large in their make; their motors are set on a separate location that is away from the piping system.This device is continuously on and constantly circulate water through the water heater and pipes.