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3D Animation Of Thread Anatomy


A 3D animated video showing the anatomy of threads. Machining threads is difficult enough so its time to start with the basics. Watch this video to learn the basic anatomy of threads.

source/image: Machining-Tutorials

From Metric threads to standard Imperial, lets dig into what kind of threads are out there. Watch the video from Machining-Tutorials:

We will answer this with a quick definition and general use of each individual thread.


This is just the “Tip of the iceberg” but we all have to start somewhere! By the end of this video you will be able to identify and describe the following threads: Metric threads, Inch threads, Acme threads, Knuckle threads, Modified square threads, Sharp V threads, Buttress threads, Worm threads and of course Whitworth threads as well.//Machining-Tutorials

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