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3D Printed Toyota 22RE And 5 Speed Gearbox


Completely reverse engineered Toyota 22RE 4 cylinder engine. Can completely print a fully rotating model. Working crank, pistons, and valve train. The valves open and close!!!. It may not be the most exciting engine but its the only one I had in my garage. Great if you want to learn about engines and how the moving parts in them work.

source/image(PrtSc): Oliver Wiechens

All parts are printed except for a few bearings and fasteners.More than 3 days of total print time.The block alone was 34 hours. So make sure you have a well calibrated and reliable printer.

This model was reverse engineered from a 22RE Toyota engine, All modeling was done in SolidWorks and the STL files were scaled to 35% for printing since that the biggest my printer could print. All parts were printed in PLA on my RepRap original Prusa. There are 80 printed parts in this assembly, not including any fasteners or bearings. Probably a whole 1kg roll of plastic.


This is the 5 speed transmission that comes bolted to the back of a 22RE. This is the 4WD version of the transmission so it has a mounting surface to bolt a transfer case to. Fully working. All 5 speeds plus reverse. It uses a good amount of 3mm rod and 623zz bearings. M2.5 x 5mm set screws and nuts were used due to the small size of some of the parts./ ericthepoolboy/thingiverse