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4-Stroke Mini Gasoline Steampunk Engine


This is a mini engine. Made of brass and stainless steel.This 2.6cc engine is water-cooled and can run on gasoline, aviation kerosene, or lighter fluid. I added 2 drops of oil to the fuel for lubrication.

source/image(PrtSc): DIY Garage

I didn’t add oil to the crank case but I did lubricate the bearings for the test run. I fabricated the custom muffler out of stainless steel, it does quiet it down a bit but would still be loud if you wanted to run it on your desktop at work.

The engine is equipped with wooden base for operating and placing conveniently.There are two ways to start the engine: external force (electric dril) and manual starting. Need to add in 95 gasoline as fuel.


The carburetor with adjustable speed is used. The ignition is powered by 1.5V power supply.Displacement: 2.6CC. Cylinder Diameter: 13mm. Stroke: 12mm. Wooden Base: 150 x 120 x 30mm. Engine: 104 x 94 x 78mm. Product Size: 15 x 12 x 10.8cm.

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