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7.7L 35hp 2021 Mercedes Intouro Bus


The new Mercedes-Benz Intouro is exactly the right bus at the right time: the new Mercedes-Benz Intouro sets the standard for flexibility, efficiency and safety.

source/image(PrtSc): DPCcars

The Intouro features 354 horsepower, 7.7 Liter displacement, 8-speed Mercedes PowerShift transmission.

At the same time, with its modular equipment concept the all-rounder can be tailored to meet the specific needs of various areas of operation. The new Mercedes-Benz Intouro covers an enormous range of possible applications.


This ranges from the high-floor inter-city bus with luggage compartment to school buses and shuttle buses, as well as vehicles for moving employees around works sites and a comfortable coach variant for day trips and weekend excursions./DPCcars

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