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A Brand-New Electric 1967 Mustang Muscle Car From Charge

An electric muscle car seems like an oxymoron project, but that is exactly what Charge is doing. UK based electric car specialists, Charge is taking the iconic red-blooded American 1967 Mustang design and converting it for the 21st century.The Charge Cars use officially licensed 1960s Ford Mustang body-shells, which it then equips with electric motors and other modern components.

source/image: Charge Cars

Like any electric performance car, this one will be fast, Charge promised it would be fast with a max speed of 149MPH and can reach 60MPH under 4 seconds. You will have the option to switch between the classic rare wheel drive mode and an all-wheel-drive mode.

The all-electric Mustang comes equipped with a 64kWh battery pack, which is compatible with 50kW DC fast charging.One full charge would last around 200 miles.


The luxury bespoke interiors, rich in ambience and detail, provide a modern high-end driving experience for connoisseurs of speed and technology. Equipped with state-of-the-art components and a personalised digital interface, these classic vehicles are back to cutting edge once again.We collect reservations for a limited series of only 499 brand-new electric 1960’s Mustangs.Charge says they’ll be priced from £300,000.