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A Custom Build Ford F350 Harley Davidson With 6 Doors & Powered By 6.0 V8 Diesel Engine!

Just look at it, insanely huge Ford F350 monster with 6 doors is waiting to be taken off road, on the wildest journey where he can show and demonstrate his real nature!

source/image(PrtSc): Advanced Detailing Sofla

This custom made Ford truck is all about that, to please even the most profound off road adventurist!Only 5 persons can comfortably sit in the cockpit and each person will has a door to enter on his place.

The truck is customized by the Advanced Mobile Detailing, a specialized company in providing its clients paint correcting and custom detailing of the highest quality, this badass Ford F350 Harley Davidson looks and sounds just like a real monster roaring with strength.


It’s powered by a 6.0 V8 Diesel engine and has 8 cylinders, automatic transmission, crew cab pickup body, anti-lock brakes and a fantastic design. There’s not an area of this truck that has not been touched. The impressive part is it is still fully functional and drivable.