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A DIY Solar Air Heater That Uses Solar Heated Water With An 8×8 Heat Exchanger To Heat The Air

A DIY Solar Air Heater that uses Solar Heated Water (along with an 8×8 heat exchanger) to heat the air! the unit is 100% solar powered and runs totally off grid! it’s powered with 2 12v solar panels (105 watts total) and a DIY solar water heating panel (coil style one).

source/image(PrtSc): desertsun02

Main components are: 8×8 heat exchanger (radiator), 7″ 12v DC radiator fan and 2 12v DC water pumps… a 350 gph one and a 63gph one. Simple design, but powerful. per manufacturer: heat exchanger is rated to over 25,000 btu’s. that covers about 1000 sq. ft. so it easily heats one or more rooms. Fan pulls air thru at 1250 to 1500 CFM (at full speed) so it covers a wide area.Output temps are similar to those of a typical home furnace.

The complete build with detailed instructions is included in this vid. note: my last posted video is a similar set-up but instead of an 8×8 i used a 12×12 heat exchanger and 12″ fan *with a mini AC powered bucket water heater. That unit outputs a little over 57K BTU (max) per manufacturer. That’s considered to cover up to 2000 sq. ft. be ready for winter. All major components… the 8×8 heat ex., 7″ fan, 350 gph bilge pump (and 63 gph one) are all from amazon.


Copper from home depot. note that i used 2 solar panels (one 12v 100 watter and one 12v 5 watter). you can just use the 100w one if you want. it will run the whole set-up fine. For even another way to heat the water, they sell DC water heating elements of various powers (150w, 300w, 600w, 900w, 1200W) (just hook direct to solar panel or battery bank). btw, these can be used as air coolers too. you just pump cold water thru them instead of hot.//desertsun02