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A Heartbreaking Moment, A Baby Rhino Tries To Suckle Milk From Dead Mother Killed By Poachers!!!!


The heartbreaking footage was captured just last week in a national park in South Africa, by the rescue charity Rhino 911.Yesterday another beautiful rhino cow was brutally killed for her horn. Her 1 month old calf stayed with her mom, crying, not understanding why her mom is not moving. You can see her trying to drink from her dead mother.

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This is devastating!!!! Fortunately the poachers did not hurt the calf.Usually the poachers kill the calf too, despite it having no horn.The calf was darted and moved to a secure location where she will be cared for and loved and introduced to other rhinos.Great work to the fantastic team who helped to save this baby!

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The animal was killed in a South African national park by poachers who cut horns! When helicopter pilot Nico Jacobs discovered the scene and turned on the camera, the baby seemed to understand the situation.


What a tragic scene of a slaughtered mother and his little calf desperately trying to suck milk without the mother reacting,” Jacobs comments in the background. “I just do not understand. It’s the absolute horror to see that.