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A Monstrous Black Behemoth Mobile Art Machine Called “Secret Operation 610”

Rolling out of a hangar on the former Soesterberg Air Base in Utrecht, The Netherlands, is a black, angular shape that looks like a stealth hermit crab crossed with an airport waiting lounge.This combination of mobile sculpture and laboratory, called Secret Operation 610.

image/source: raaaf

They call it a moving artwork, Inspirational design and they pat themselves on the back for thinking outside of the box. What box are they talking about?They claim that Secret Operation 610 could be the perfect space for research, experiment and innovation. What the hell are they researching?

video credit: Cultureel Persbureau

What good is their innovation when we still don’t know what box they’re thinking outside of?And as far as art goes….where the hell would I put it? At an almost excruciatingly slow pace, the artwork uses its caterpillar tracks to cross the seemingly infinite runway.


When the ruthless doors of the aircraft bunker Shelter 610 open with a lot of noise, a monstrous black monster slowly drives out. The object revives the mysterious atmosphere of the cold war and the frightening war weapon.

Housed in a hangar once reserved for Phantoms and F-15s, Secret Operation 610 is self-propelled on caterpillar treads. It’s meant to invoke the atmosphere of fear and tension of the Cold War as it rolls around on the 4 km (2.4 mi) runway to provide visitors with different views of it in the landscape. Inside there’s seating for 12 people.via: newatlas