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A Powerless Automatic Opening And Closing Gate – OzAutogate

The OzAutogate is one fully automatic gate. It works well on all kinds of property.You can use it on a farm for your ranch protection. It can be placed as an extra layer of security for your residential property. It can also be used if you have a need for rural gates.

source/image: matthew simonelli

These gates are completely safe and secure for livestock. You can able to open this door with all types of vehicles including trailers. All you have to do is, simply drive your vehicle through the gate lifting ramp, then the gate starts to open.

Once it completely open, the gate stays at vertical position for 7 seconds. After the weight has left the ramps and closes slowly within 20 seconds. So it wont’s injure anyone caught under the gate.


This is a great alternative for those gates that require professional installation and assessment. It is reliable and functional. This gate brings great value for money that is not like any other home security system in the world.