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A Simple Generator Project – Little Magnetic Motors Generators AC


The central motor, fixed to the base in a Plexiglass support, there is on its axis an iron washer, the center of the the washer there is a piece of rubber glued. On the iron washer are attached six neodymium magnets.

source/image(PrtSc): Electric Experiments Roobert33

The motors, alternating current generators are small, they rotate at a certain speed to generate a current to switch on the leds 12.Its made from 6 circular wooden support for the motors,1 rubber 15 mm.6 Neodymium 0.8 mm.1 circular base Plexiglass or wood.

The small motors, you can buy in a store selling bicycles. These motors are mounted on the handlebars of the bicycle. When pedaling, the wind rotates the fan motors, lighting many colorful leds.


NECESSARY TO REPLICATE: 6 AC motors and .12 colored leds (6 pairs), green, blue.1 central motor of 6 volts.1 battery of 4 volts.1switch.1 iron washer diameter 35-40 mm.

VIAElectric Experiments Roobert33
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