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A Solar Steam Powered Turbine Generator

This is the first time my dental air turbine handpiece works on steam! The steam is produced using my parabolic trough mirror which i made for my university thesis project.JohnnyQ90

source/image(PrtSc): JohnnyQ90

With no load, the tiny generator produces 6.5 volts DC. I did a load test and it produced 2.86W. I’ll probably upload that too i guess. Solar Collector – A collector such as a lens or a mirror concentrates sunlight to a central point to create a ‘hot-spot’./JohnnyQ90

Heat Transfer Point – The concentrated sunlight is focused on a metal transfer case where water is heated into steam. This equipment, and all connecting tubes, must be able to withstand high temperature and high-pressure.


Then the high presure steam rotates the generator producing electricity. Solar energy may be a little less efficient, but it is also much more environmentally-friendly. Solar steam power is a combination of old-world technology with new world’s need to use a non-polluting energy source.