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A Woman Works Six Jobs to Keep Her Island Afloat


For most people, keeping track of one job is complicated enough—now, imagine juggling six. On the small island of North Ronaldsay off the northern coast of Scotland, that’s the case for many of the residents.

source/image(PrtSc): Great Big Story

With a population of just 50, everyone has to work a handful of jobs to keep the island afloat. Sarah Moore is part of North Ronaldsay’s trusted work force.via: Great Big Story

She works as a mailwoman, home care worker, council clerk, airfield attendant, baggage handler and firefighter. Oh, and did we mention she also keeps a flock of sheep?


Sarah moved to the island after searching for quiet from the big city. In North Ronaldsay, she feels like she has found her purpose as a part of something bigger than herself—a caring community.

VIAGreat Big Story
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