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Dito Sama T10E – A High Performing Vegetable Peeler


Vegetable peeler T10E is a multifunctional machine, able to solve the problem of peeling not only potatoes but also hard tubers.It has a 10 kg capacity and productivity up to 160 kg/hr.

source/image(PrtSc): Dito Sama

Knife disc, onion disc, disc for washing and brush vegetables which do not need any peeling, drying bucket and filter-table in stainless steel are available as accessories.

No matter what level you’re at when it comes to cooking, every kitchen needs a vegetable peeler.The ideal solutions for peeling, washing, cleaning and drying vegetables and shellfish,leaving you with more time for other tasks.


Vegetable Peelers are for faster and effective complete peeling of vegetables. These are designed aesthetically and are used to peel the skin of vegetables in faster way and are highly efficient.