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Acoustic Metamaterial Noise Cancellation Device

Xin Zhang, Boston University College is Engineering professor of ME, MSE, ECE, BME, and Reza Ghaffarivardavagh, mechanical engineering graduate researcher in Zhang’s lab..Have designed an acoustic metamaterial and noise cancellation device capable of blocking up to 94% percent of the transmitted sound energy while preserving air flow.

source/image(PrtSc): Boston University

While sound baffles can aid in drowning out normal noise, they are useless in situations where airflow is needed.

This Noise Cancellation Device is a 3D-printed ring-shaped device that is made to a very precise mathematical standards. The shape is specifically designed to interfere with incoming sound waves & send them bouncing back the way they came.


“This ultra-open metamaterial design, leveraging a Fano-like interference, enables high-performance sound silencing in a design featuring a large degree of open area, which may find utility in applications in which highly efficient, air-permeable sound silencers are required, such as smart sound barriers, fan or engine noise reduction, among other,” wrote the authors.:///bu.edu