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Meet the Smart Palm – A Solar-Powered “Palm” Trees Providing Free WiFi And Power

Dubai now has its first smart palm trees called Smart Palm. The Smart Palm Project is an iconic fusion of easy access information, accessible WiFi and green technology.Smart Palm is a green self-sustainable device recharge station and info point with complimentary Wi-Fi access.

source/image(PrtSc): Smart Palm

Within just decades Dubai has evolved from not much more than a strip of desert and sleepy fishing village into a bustling metropolis and one of the World’s most modern cities.The photovoltaic solar panels have an efficiency of 21%. They are positioned on top of the Smart Palm leaves and on station rooftops.

These locations maximize sunlight absorption during the day.Since their launch in 2015, 50 Smart Palms have been set up in Dubai’s public areas and beaches. To date, these palms have provided 15,203 kWh of power and recharged 353,944 devices.


Fast and reliable interenet access for all your smart devices. Enjoy your stay in Dubai while having access to fast internet on more than 50 smart palm points.Wether it’s on your smart device (phone, tablet, phablet) or via our touchpad screen, you can get informed on all the happenings around the globe.