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Festo, A Pneumatic BionicSoftHand That Learns Movement Through AI

The pneumatic robot hand is modelled on the human hand and can learn through artificial intelligence to grasp different objects and turn them into a desired position.

source/image(PrtSc): Festo

The RoboticSoftHand is a pneumatic device and uses a 3D textile fabric covering and proportional piezo valves for precise control. The system has the potential for human and robot collaboration thanks to its flexible, pneumatic design and use of lightweight materials.

The Air is pumped in and out of the chambers via rubber tubes and when when one of the chambers is inflated or deflated, it will bend in a certain direction, causing the finger to open or close.It works similar to the muscle and tendon system the human hand uses.


The Artificial Intelligence inside the robot hand hand is used to learn how to grip and handle objects using a method of reinforcement learning called learning by strengthening. This type of learning means the AI doesn’t imitate a precise action, it is given a goal and has to figure things out for itselfand, it’s better at using movements and techniques it’s already figured out on new challenges..