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How To Build/DIY Wave Tank – Physics of Tsunami Wave


Models are a way of visualising something we cannot safely or directly observe. The wave tank model helps us to represent surf and tsunami waves, but not with complete accuracy.

source/image(PrtSc): The Q

In today’s video I want to show you how to build wave tank that helps you to test different types of sea walls. It could be great science project with visualisation of waves behavior.Watch the video from The Q for more info:

Also wave tank could be used to simulate storm for test different ship types.Fill your tank. Adding blue food coloring to the water makes your demonstration easier to see. Add water gently to the center of the tank. You can experiment with how different depths affect the waves you create.


The typical wave tank is a box filled with liquid, usually water, leaving open or air-filled space on top. At one end of the tank an actuator generates waves; the other end usually has a wave-absorbing surface.