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Adaptive Ducted Fan Most Advanced eVTOL Propulsion System


80% of the current most advanced eVTOL projects are using well-known open propellers as the main propulsion system.

This simple and straightforward approach allows manufacturers to quickly progress in the development of an eVTOL aircraft to make it marketable.

This is a great strategy from a business perspective. In the future, however, these companies could be facing real market application issues related to payload, safety, noise, and scalability.


In this video, I will analyze the main advantages of ducted fans over unducted propellers, and I will explore a new and advanced eVTOL propulsion system that offers extra thrust during hover, reduced aerodynamic drag, 40% greater efficiency, and has the ability to assist the aircraft in the transition from hover to cruise flight.

SOURCEeVTOL innovation
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