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Eyeglasses With Adjustable Focus: The Future Of Multifocal Lenses


Adlens adjustable glasses are an exclusive frame and lens combination with a compound lens system that enables the wearer to focus on objects at any distance.With Adjustable reading glasses you can see as well as you did in your twenties and we want you to enjoy seeing more again.

source: adlens / image: buyadlens

Adlens is best-known for its pricier AdlensFocuss glasses, which are designed to replace conventional bifocals.

That model incorporates two lenses for each eye – the wearer’s prescription lens in the front, a deformable lens behind it, and a layer of clear silicone oil sandwiched between the two.//allaboutvision.

Twisting a small dial on the temple arm squeezes the lenses together or pushes them apart, altering the magnification rate. This allows the glasses to instantly switch between three different settings – distance, mid and reading – that are preset with the user’s prescription.


Adlens adjustable eyeglasses are designed for use as a temporary or spare pair of glasses, and the power of the lenses can be customized instantly to correct from -6 diopters (D) of nearsightedness to +3 D of farsightedness with the simple turn of a dial.