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Aerodyme Rear Mounted Aerodynamic Attachment For Trucks


Engineers from inventure company have addressed this problem and found a solution they have invented special aerodynamic devices called aerodyne for semi-trailers to improve the fuel efficiency of transportation.

source.image: Georgia Tech

Aerodyme Technologies aims to provide the most practical and efficient rear-mounted aerodynamic attachment for tractor trailers available on the market that eliminates driver interaction altogether.

source.image: Aerodyme Technologies

This revolutionary product serves the trucking industry by lowering their fuel costs and reducing carbon emissions through aerodynamic drag reduction. FreightFin bolts to the sides of any type of box trailer and opens automatically, creating a solution that does not interfere with the driver’s workflow.


Aerodyne allows changing the shape of the trailer making it more streamlined which reduces resistance force by 10 percent and decreases fuel consumption by 5 percent it may not seem like much but on a national scale like the USA this simple solution can save eight billion dollars per year.

Moreover aerodyne reduces harmful emissions and operates fully automatically without interfering with the trailer doors opening as you can see even a few pieces of metal and fabric can be incredibly useful in the skilled hands of Engineers.