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Airwolf 1 Hoverbike Of The Future 2 Passenger Electric Drone


A COMPANY called UDX is developing a two-seat hoverbike aircraft EVTOL that uses electric ducted fans called Airwolf. This concept looks promising for a better future transportation. Personal flying drone developer UDX Research has brought this stylish looking eVTOL drone concept to the industry.

source/image: udx_research

If the electric aircrafts industry succeeds as expected, we may soon expect people to travel across cities on these aircrafts, which are often referred to as flying cars or air taxi.The usage of electric ducted fans instead of conventional large diameter free propellers is the design for the future.

The compact wings and their lift provide energy savings for longer flight. This brings a breeze to the flight while retaining an alacrity of a hummingbird. The motors tilt ability gives us the power to control flight in challenging locations where absolute & unwavering precision is required – for all flight regimes – take-off, landing, and the flight itself.


The Airwolf 1 has a flight width 4.55m and a transport width 2.45m, the length of the aircraft is 3.2m and the weight of the aircraft is 290kg. The maximum speed of the aircraft is 230kmh with a flight time of 25 minutes and a flight distance of 66km.Maximum power 320kw ( typical ~160kw in hover, minimal ~50kw in forward flight ).